Before you head off to the jewelry store, there is one more 'C' to consider, and it is just as important as the first 4C's. The fifth 'C' is Certification.

The cost of a diamond is determined by its quality
At first glance, all diamonds in a jeweler's showcase might look pretty much the same, but depending on tiny differences- ones usually imperceptible to the untrained eye- two stones of identical size and shape can be worth vastly different amounts. Their value depends on their 4C's quality ratings. Learn more about the 4C's

How certification helps you shop
Before dropping a load of cash for your perfect diamond, wouldn't you be more comfortable with a second opinion, an unbiased evaluation of the diamond's quality? Of course, and this is why most diamonds are sold with grading reports from 'independent' labs. But before you open your wallet, just who is providing that independent second opinion? Is the lab owned by the jeweler's friend? Does the lab have a reputation for 'generously' over-grading? Does the lab take responsibility for their work?

Rating agencies
Just as rating agencies provide investors with assessments of companies, giving different ratings such as AAA, AA or B+ which affect their value, grading labs provide analyses of diamonds which affect their value. Diamond grading labs have different reputations. A dealer might pay 20%, even 40%, less for a stone with a grading report from a particular lab because that lab is known to inflate the grades. Usually, everyone in the jewelry industry knows... but not the consumer. Read more about GCAL's Standards

Protect yourself by making sure your diamond is accompanied by a gemological certificate that assures you of accurate quality information- and protects the value and liquidity of your diamond in the future.

Why ask for a GCAL Certificate?
GCAL is the only one... the only one that puts our money where our mouth is. GCAL's cash-back policy ensures the accuracy of cut, color and clarity grades as well as the weight of GCAL graded diamonds. But the Zero Tolerance Grading Guarantee isn't the only thing that makes GCAL unique... GCAL is also the only ISO 17025 Forensic Accredited gem lab in North America, the only one offering GEMPRINT® and the only one with Diamond Profile® light analysis technology. Read more about GCAL Advantages

GCAL issues Certificates, other labs issue Reports
A diamond certificate is a warranty; a diamond report is an opinion. Although the two terms are used interchangeably and both documents grade the 4C's, they are far from the same. If you look closely at a diamond report, you will find a disclaimer of liability for errors and inaccuracies. From a legal standpoint, this means that the lab issuing the document refuses accountability for its work. A certificate, on the other hand, is a document for which the issuer accepts legal responsibility- and will make restitution for mistakes. Read more about The GCAL Guarantee

GCAL Certificates are forensic tracking documents
A diamond certificate is a tracking document that aids in recovery of stones if lost or stolen. Like a passport or a driver's license, a diamond certificate serves as an identification document- not merely a record of information. Using photo-imaging technology, a gem lab can take a distinctive light-emission portrait of any diamond that is digitized and stored in a database- as well as reproduced on a certificate. This portrait serves as a permanent 'fingerprint' that can be used to make a match if the stone is lost and later recovered. Further, this digital 'fingerprint' can be used to prove if another -- usually inferior -- stone has been substituted for yours by an unscrupulous retailer or repairman. No wonder a growing number of insurance companies offer premium discounts for 'fingerprinted' diamonds. Read more about Gemprint

GCAL's Philosophy
We believe consumers should feel confident about their diamond purchase, that's why our mission is to provide the most accurate and consistent gemological services with uncompromising integrity and unparalleled customer care. Read more about GCAL

We believe experts should stand behind their work, that's why we issue Grading Certificates, not just grading reports. Our certificates come with a money-back guarantee so you can feel good knowing you got exactly what you paid for.

We believe in doing things the right way, not the easy way, that's why we don't cut corners. With only one location in the USA, we have complete control of maintaining high standards, training and consistency.

We believe challenging ourselves leads to better performance, that's why our methods and procedures are independently audited annually, ensuring we uphold the standards of the ISO 17025 Forensic Laboratory Accreditation. Read more about ISO17025

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Each panel of a GCAL Certificate tells a story to the customer.
  • Panel 1

    Verifies the identification process

  • Panel 2

    Verifies the 4C's quality grading

  • Panel 3

    Illustrates the quality of cutting and proportions revealing the skill of the diamond cutter

  1. 1Gemprint
  2. 2Laser Inscription
  3. 34C's Grading
  4. 4Photomicrograph
  5. 5Hearts & Arrow
  6. 6Optical Brilliance
  7. 7Optical Symmetry
  8. 8Proportion Diagram