Forensic Services
GCAL can provide a range of forensic services. If damage occurs, GCAL can determine if there was inherent vice, assess if there is evidence for subrogation, determine the hypothetical value prior to damage, and estimate the loss of value, or salvage value of an item. GCAL has worked a number of fraud cases where we have helped law enforcement and the courts find tell tale bits of evidence concerning fraudulent invoices, memos, and shipping documents, with some of these cases exceeding $10 million claims.

Litigation Support
GCAL Experts have testified in all levels of courts in the United States, and in many major courts around the world. Since 1977, GCAL founder, Donald Anthony Palmieri, has worked with the FBI, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and most other federal law enforcement agencies on some of the most historically significant cases where gems and jewelry commerce, identification, valuation, theft, fraud, and smuggling have occurred, as a consultant, appraiser, and expert witness.

Our experience in working with professionals from all these agencies, including Singapore, Canada, the Bahamas, Israel, and China, has broadened our knowledge and understanding of the various legal systems in a profound way. Our success in litigation support includes gemological and industry investigations which, in addition to the US, also include working on site where properties cannot be moved, including Toronto Police Services Crime Lab, Yongzhou China Security Bureau Crime Lab, Munich Germany, and Dubai, as well as others.

GCAL Gemological Expert Litigation Support