What is Gemprint®?
Gemprint® is an identification system for diamonds that records the unique and subtle distinctions in diamonds, just as fingerprinting does for people. Completely noninvasive, Gemprint® technology works by shining a low-powered red laser light at a diamond, which is refracted within the diamond and reflected from every facet and internal characteristic. The light coming back from the diamond is a distinct 'optical fingerprint' that is recorded and saved in a database that can be shared instantly among a global network of jewelers, law-enforcement and government officials. Gemprints can be matched and retrieved in seconds. As forensic evidence, Gemprint® has been used by the FBI and the Canadian Government since its invention in 1976. Gemprint® has the ability to detect simulants and discern the optical light performance of loose or mounted diamonds and some transparent gemstones.

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Take this final important step to achieve the full security of Gemprint and be eligible to receive and insurance discounts. Register your diamond in the Gemprint® International Registry with your name and contact information so that in the event of your reported loss and subsequent recovery, you will be contacted. When you register your diamond, a unique account will be setup for you that will allow you to update your account online, report a diamond as lost or stolen, or transfer ownership of the diamond.
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Three Reasons to Register Your Diamond's Fingerprint

  1. If you lose it. If it's stolen. If, if, if. Even if your diamond has been removed from its setting, a Gemprint® allows you to positively identify it, No more worry of tampering when your diamond is left to be repaired or cleaned.
  2. Gemprint® is recognized by nearly all insurance companies as a safeguard for diamonds and many offer a 10% discount when your diamond is registered in the Gemprint International Registry. Participating insurance companies
  3. Gemprint® is a court accepted means of irrefutable evidence proving ownership and protecting your investment. When stolen jewelry is recovered, the diamond's Gemprint® can be matched with the ID in the Lost and Stolen Database within seconds

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