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Gemprint is a revolutionary diamond identification system that has been used by the FBI, the Canadian Mounted Police and has been proven in the court of law. Gemprint provides you with irrefutable forensic evidence. When you have questions, Gemprint can give you answers.

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What is Gemprint?
Gemprint® is an identification system for diamonds that records the unique and subtle distinctions in diamonds, just as fingerprinting does for people. Completely noninvasive, Gemprint® technology works by shining a low-powered red laser light at a diamond, which is refracted within the diamond and reflected from every facet and internal characteristic. The light coming back from the diamond is a distinct ‘optical fingerprint’ that is recorded and saved in a database that can be shared instantly among a global network of jewelers, law-enforcement and government officials. Gemprints can be matched and retrieved in seconds. As forensic evidence, Gemprint® has been used by the FBI and the Canadian Government since its invention in 1976. Gemprint® has the ability to detect simulants and discern the optical light performance of loose or mounted diamonds and some transparent gemstones.


  • Did the diamonds exist at the time of robbery?
  • Which diamonds were stolen, and how do you know?
  • Was there any activity on those diamonds after the robbery?


  • Did your insured receive the same diamonds back after memo?
  • Does the insured's inventory match the pledged collateral?
  • Does your insured provide a monthly, physical inventory?


  • How to find the rightful owner after diamonds are recovered?
  • What is the cost of proving it is your client's diamond in court?
  • How to determine if it's a stolen diamond?