Manufacturers and Diamond Dealers
Gemprint is a revolutionary diamond identification system that provides you with positive identification of every diamond. Capturing Gemprints is fast and easy to integrate into your systems. You will be able to control your inventory like never before. Gemprint should be an integral part of your mine-to-market Block Chain programs

What is Gemprint?
Gemprint® is an identification system for diamonds that records the unique and subtle distinctions in diamonds, just as fingerprinting does for people. Completely noninvasive, Gemprint® technology works by shining a low-powered red laser light at a diamond, which is refracted within the diamond and reflected from every facet and internal characteristic. The light coming back from the diamond is a distinct 'optical fingerprint' that is recorded and saved in a database that can be shared instantly among a global network of jewelers, law-enforcement and government officials. Gemprints can be matched and retrieved in seconds. As forensic evidence, Gemprint® has been used by the FBI and the Canadian Government since its invention in 1976. Gemprint® has the ability to detect simulants and discern the optical light performance of loose or mounted diamonds and some transparent gemstones.


  • Verify memo goods
  • Prevent shrinkage
  • Easily take inventory
  • Gemprint loose and mounted


  • Mine to market programs
  • Block chain programs
  • Differentiate your diamonds
  • Added benefits for your retailers