2024 Webinar Series Diamond Dialogues

MARCH 20th
Wednesday, 12pm (EST)

G7 Sanctions: What Retailers Need to Know – Diamond Traceability Insights with Sarine and Tracr

David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, and Wesley Tucker, CEO of Tracr™, are set to lead a dynamic discussion moderated by Angelo Palmieri, President of GCAL by Sarine. This essential and timely webinar will tackle the critical topic of G7 sanctions and their implications for the diamond industry.

Scheduled for March 20th, at 12pm (EST), this free live webinar promises invaluable insights into achieving regulatory compliance, enhancing consumer trust, and navigating market dynamics amid the evolving landscape shaped by G7 sanctions.

Tucker and Block will shed light on how retailers can leverage integrated solutions provided by Tracr™ and Sarine to minimize supply chain disruptions and ensure cost-effective operations.

“In an evolving landscape shaped by the latest G7 regulations, the diamond industry stands at a pivotal juncture,” remarks Angelo Palmieri, President of GCAL by Sarine. “Our upcoming webinar, ‘G7 Sanctions: What Retailers Need to Know: Diamond Traceability Insights with Sarine and Tracr,’ promises to be an invaluable resource for retail jewelers seeking to learn, prepare and adapt their businesses to the new regulatory environment.”

The session is designed to arm retailers with essential knowledge and tools necessary for thriving in the face of regulatory changes. Attendees will gain actionable insights and strategies to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

APRIL 25th
Thursday 12pm (EST)

Facts, Fiction, and FAQs  – Exploring Nuances of Lab Grown vs. Natural Diamonds   

Lab grown and natural diamonds hold distinct places in today’s diverse marketplace. With vastly different origin stories, consumers purchase each with different considerations in mind. Whether you’re a sales professional, appraiser, or a jewelry connoisseur, be prepared to address consumer inquiries regarding lab-grown versus natural diamonds.

We’ll address the main talking points and FAQs, including the subtle yet essential distinctions in grading, terminology, inclusions, colors, and fluorescence between lab-grown and natural diamonds. Register now to better prepared to provide accurate and informed responses to your customers’ inquiries.

Unable to attend the live webinar? Register anyway and we will send you the recording after!

MAY 15th
Wednesday , 3pm (EST)

The 8X Cut Grade – Focus on Fancies

In 2021, GCAL introduced the 8X Cut Grade for Round diamonds that evaluates eight grading factors with the goal of identifying the finest-cut stones on the market. In 2022, the 8X Cut Grade for Princess and Oval shapes was introduced. And now parameters are available for the Marquise and Pear 8x Cut Grades. Learn about the research behind fancy shape cut evaluation, and what makes 8x Fancy Shapes stand out, even among other stones given “Excellent” performance grades.

JUNE 19th
Wednesday, 3pm (EST)

Screening and Detection – Real Life Scenarios and Solutions

Join us as we identify colorless gemstones and jewelry with special guest Alberto Scarani, Co-Founder of MAGI Labs. Explore real-life scenarios and learn about screening and detection techniques to effectively identify whether the items are natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, simulants, or jewelry set with a mix of all three. Follow along as we go step-by-step, examining several items using various techniques and instruments, providing insights on when to utilize each method for optimal effectiveness.

JULY 16th
Tuesday, 3pm (EST)

Advanced Clarity and Polish Grading – Beyond the Basics

Elevate your diamond grading skills with this live session, which delves deeper than the fundamentals. Through numerous photomicrographs, you’ll see practical examples as we explore specific types of inclusions and polish features and their effects on grades. Whether you’re new to gemology or a seasoned grader, this webinar aims to enhance your expertise. By the end of the webinar, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to evaluate diamonds accurately. Join us for this informative session and take your diamond grading skills to the next level!