DIFFERENTIATION: Never More Important Than It Is Right Now

“How can I differentiate my store from all the competition out there?”

This is a question you’ve asked yourself (and your team) since the day you decided to open the store. Differentiation is what enhances your reputation… builds your brand… brings customers into your store… and helps close sales. And today, with competition coming at you from all directions, differentiation has never been more important.

It is in large part a reaction to the challenges above that GCAL created the 8X® Premium Diamond Cut Grade.  To not only help retail jewelers differentiate, but to help manufacturers differentiate the products they sell to you as well. 

Can you effectively answer these questions:

  • What is my elevator pitch?
  • Why should consumers consider entering my store?
  • Is my diamond selection superior to that of my competitors?
  • Can I satisfy customers looking for our best of the best diamonds?
  • Does my store have a favorable reputation in terms of quality and selection?

Meeting or beating customer expectations will help answer all the questions above.  One way to do this, and to meet many of the challenges you face, is by embracing GCAL certified 8X® natural and lab grown diamonds. 

Challenge: Triple Excellent can no longer be considered the true standard of excellence in the diamond industry.  The parameters are simply too wide.  Far too many diamonds graded Excellent should ABSOLUTELY NOT be graded as Excellent.  You certainly can no longer assure your customers diamonds graded triple ex represent the best of the best.  Too many simply do not!  GCAL certified 8X® diamonds ARE the new standard of excellence.  See for yourself!  

Challenge:  Poorly cut lab grown diamonds are flooding the market.  And the incredible glut of lab grown diamonds in general continues to drive prices down.  GCAL certified 8X® diamonds will help close sales and increase margins.  Period!

For more information please contact GCAL directly at 212-869-8985 or sales@gcalusa.com