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GCAL Certificate Design Update

Beginning in May 2022, and continuing over the next several months, GCAL will be rolling out, all new certificate design formats. The paper has been upgraded to a tear-proof, waterproof material, for increased durability and longevity. Enhanced security features have been added to both sides of the certificate to protect against counterfeiting. The design has been refreshed for a modern look, and one that better organizes the vast amount of information contained on GCAL Certificates.

As the new formats are launched, we will show side-by-side comparisons of the previous and current formats, for reference.

One important note…for some of our clients, we have offered an e-cert at the time a diamond is certified, and a (hard copy) print on demand service when the diamond sells/ships. For these instances, the e-cert would have been generated in the previous format, but the (hard copy) print will be in the new (current format). If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us at 212-869-8985.

Lab Grown Certificate

New Certificate Format (beginning May 2022)
Previous Certificate Format (prior to May 2022)