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GCAL Newsletter 6/22/20: Beware of Self Fulfilling Prophecies

Beware of Self Fulfilling Prophecies…..this is critically important. If you make decisions based on your belief that business will be bad, guess what…your business will be likely be bad. That, by definition, is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

However, we believe the reverse is also true. If you make decisions based on your belief that business will be good, guess what… there’s a real good chance your business will be good. Same self-fulfilling prophecy. Seems simple enough, but it’s not. Right now, we’re (hopefully) beginning to come out of a global pandemic, an economic collapse, and an historic social justice movement that began with many retailers across the country boarding up their windows. Pretty crazy, right? Perhaps, but it is reality. However, we still have our lives to live, and our businesses to run. So what are we going to do about it?

Let us share some of the feedback we’re hearing and seeing firsthand at GCAL, in the hopes you’ll adhere to the reverse self-fulfilling prophecy. We’ve heard very positive results from GCAL customers, both small and large. Of course many consumers are struggling big time, which results in retail struggles. But with the combination of unemployment insurance, plus the extra $600 added to their checks; plus the $1200 stimulus checks, at least some across the country have disposable income. And they are purchasing jewelry. Whether they’re finally getting engaged, purchasing that gift for an important event that was missed, or simply buying jewelry to enjoy one of the biggest benefits of the products you sell – jewelry truly makes people feel better… your store has products people want. And they may want it now!

To drive this point home, according to FDIC data (Federal Deposit Insurance Corp), “there was a record $2 trillion surge in cash that hit the deposit accounts of U.S. banks since the coronavirus first struck the U.S. in January. The wall of money flowing into banks has no precedent in history: in April alone, deposits grew by $865 billion, more than the previous record for an entire year.” With states continuing to lift coronavirus restrictions, people across the U.S. have felt more comfortable traveling, taking transit, eating out and even purchasing a new home. This improvement across the travel and restaurant industries, as well as the housing market, could signal that a broader economic recovery is on the horizon, even though the pandemic is still ongoing. Bottom line: when consumers do feel confident enough to broaden their spending habits, many have a well of money to draw on. So yes, there is plenty of bad news out there. But there’s good news as well. And we believe there are jewelry sales to be made. Think and plan accordingly.

Finally, there is a school of thought that says we should hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Ok, but make those hopes equate into positive thinking. Remember that reverse self-fulfilling prophecy: If you make decisions based on your belief that business will be good, guess what… there’s a real good chance your business will be good. Let’s end by borrowing the lyrics from a 1944 Johnny Mercer song: ” You’ve got to accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative. And latch on to the affirmative. Don’t mess with Mister In-Between.” Stay safe, but stay focused. And remember, GCAL is here to help.


Don, Pam, & Angelo Palmieri, Steve Feldman, & The GCAL Team

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