Lab Grown Diamonds 101: Discovering the Science, Certification, and Market Trends

Angelo Palmieri, President of GCAL by Sarine, Sharrie Woodring, Senior Gemologist at GCAL by Sarine, and Noy Elram, Managing Director, APAC Sarine presented Lab Grown Diamonds 101.

The webinar was organized and hosted by Laura Moore, from the Jewellery Industry Network, and was supported by Lonn and Craig Miller, of JC Jewels.

In this webinar, you can expect to hear about…

• Explore the key differences between CVD and HPHT lab grown diamonds, their distinct characteristics and manufacturing processes. Get a broad overview of instruments available in the market for identifying lab grown diamonds, and understand the challenges associated with detection.

• Gain valuable insights into trends and consumer preferences, including the growing demand for better cuts and qualities. Discover how certification protects you and your clients, and the impact of AI on the future of diamond grading.

• Hear from industry experts about their experience in regional market dynamics, and what to expect in the future. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to expand your knowledge and be part of the conversation that is reshaping the diamond industry.