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GCAL Newsletter 7/13/20: Focus on what you can Control

After months of anxiously awaiting the thumbs-up from our governors so that we could reopen our businesses and get on with our lives, now some of us are nervously awaiting a possible thumbs-down as Covid-19 continues to spread and disrupt our lives.

In previous editions of our Monday messages, we talked about re-opening plans and preparing your sales team for what was to come. How we should only be looking forward, setting new and loftier goals for ourselves and our businesses.

But what now? It sure seems like the challenges, and suggestions of how to deal with those challenges, have returned for many (or most) of us. What we needed to do a few short months ago is likely what we’ll need to do again, moving forward. Covid-19 cases are increasing in many states, and the spread seems to be inevitable with the reopening of any state.

We have been focused on creating demand and a safe re-opening plan, but now there are supply questions. India allowed diamond manufacturers to reopen, only to hear they had to be shut down again after reports of 700 new Covid cases in Surat. There are also new questions now about Hong Kong and mainland China, with intensified trade issues with the US, as well as new tensions between India and China over boundaries. It seems like the global quarantine has escalated simmering geopolitical tensions, while raising new and serious challenges for our industry. All of this results in manufacturing uncertainty, and more complications and concerns for suppliers and retailers.

At this point, as a business owner, with so much uncertainty, all you can do is focus on your business, and what you can control. We thought it was relevant to share some good advice that we have absorbed from listening to our industry colleagues….

From a podcast with Kate Peterson, Performance Concepts

  • Whichever side of a decision or argument you take, be consistent
  • Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do
  • Consider custom ordered masks. If nothing else, they’re a great conversation piece
  • Like it or not, you must embrace the ecommerce side of your business. There will likely be consequences if you don’t
  • Since crises tends to motivate change, whatever rules that might have been in place before may no longer apply
  • Each member of your sales team must be more tech savvy, if they’re not already. In part it’s because this is how they’ll be communicating with many of your customers
  • We need to be responsive to the customers’ new normal, not ours
  • If you’re paying people while they’re remaining at home, it’s perfectly fine to tell them what to do (e.g. community assignments, or anything to keep them engaged)
  • We must not remain complacent or comfortable doing the same old thing. We must rise up to the levels consumers are demanding.

JCK’s Victoria Gomelsky and Rob Bates….

  • In the in store vs online purchasing, Victoria suggested ecommerce will not replace your in-store purchasing. That said however, in-store alone, without embracing ecommerce could also be a costly mistake. “The combination of human and digital is super successful, and surprisingly so for many people.”
  • Rob referred to Christie’s auctioning a million dollar plus diamond online, suggesting there’s definitely a message to be considered in that

Alex Fetanat of Gemfind, when asked how consumers can trust the products they’re purchasing online, not having the benefit of touch and feel, as well as a salesperson’s expertise, suggested…

  • The use of lots of visuals, including videos and images.
  • Live chats will also become increasingly important.

Please continue doing all you can to keep your family and business safe. Be well. We hope to see you soon, and again on the other side.


Don, Pam, & Angelo Palmieri, Steve Feldman, & The GCAL Team

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