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GCAL Newsletter 7/6/20: Graded in the USA

With all that’s going on in the world right now… in the US… in our communities… and in our homes… we’re sure this past July 4th celebration had a different meaning than most we have ever experienced. There’s a lot going on! Our grandkids, great grandkids and beyond will be learning about 2020 and its impact on American and global culture and history.

So yes, 2020 is a year like never before. For all of us at GCAL, it just makes us even more proud of our company and mission. One location. One standard. All diamonds, gemstones and jewelry are graded and certified in our New York City lab. Other labs boast about their many locations. Not GCAL. We boast about our single location – here in the USA. A company philosophy and history built on a single premise: Accuracy Matters!

We’re all reading how a visual experience is critical to today’s ultimate consumer. GCAL offers exquisite 360° videos, in addition to new fire videos and sparkle videos. No lab in the world can show off the quality of your diamonds like GCAL does. In fact, none even try! No lab in the world provides the level of information and detail to help customers make more informed decisions when buying from your website. We all know internet sales continue to grow.

Knowing both price and turnaround time are critical to closing sales, our prices are extremely competitive, even better if you consider all the exclusive and extra services GCAL offers. As for turnaround time, we return most orders in 5 days or less.

Please click on the links below for a better understanding of what GCAL offers. The first link is for natural diamonds, the second for lab grown. And please call us with questions… about anything – 212-869-8985.

See an example of the GCAL Certificate with Hearts & Arrows and 360 Video (Link)

See an example of the GCAL Lab Grown Certificate with Hearts & Arrows and 360 Video (Link)

Thanks so very much. Please continue doing all you can to keep your family safe. Be well. We hope to see you soon, and again on the other side.


Don, Pam, & Angelo Palmieri, Steve Feldman, & The GCAL Team

See an example of the GCAL Certificate with Hearts & Arrows and 360 Video (Link)
See an example of the GCAL Lab Grown Certificate with Hearts & Arrows and 360 Video (Link)


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