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GCAL Newsletter 7/20/20: It’s Showtime! Or is it?

We all missed this past season’s shows… ok, some more than others. But not having the Vegas shows definitely left a hole in our thinking and scheduling. But now we are only 3 weeks away from the JCK Show again, albeit in a virtual format. Reed Exhibitions is gearing up for one of, or perhaps its first virtual show. Exhibitors, including GCAL, are completing our online profiles, including telling our story, and uploading images and videos that help explain why you should consider GCAL for your diamond certifications. And of course retailers throughout the world are getting ready to “attend” the show, communicate with current suppliers, and hopefully find new products and services to bring into your stores. Or are you?

Reed / JCK is betting you are. GCAL, and all exhibitors are hoping you are. But again, we ask the million dollar question: are you?  The show dates are Tuesday thru Friday, August 11th thru the 14th. You’ll have the opportunity to make virtual appointments with exhibitors. We can only speak for ourselves, but rest assured, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with GCAL on the 11th, 12th, 13th or 14th of August, or any day prior, or any day after.  Will this diminish the impact of the show? We hope not, but we all do need to be realistic.

Appointments aside, “attendees” of the show will have the opportunity to go online to learn more about who each exhibitor is; discover how we can benefit your business, and what, if any new products and services we are offering. Each retailer knows only too well how much was accomplished during that week or so in the desert. Will you be able to accomplish as much online? Don’t know. But we most assuredly hope you’ll try. If you recall a GCAL Monday email several weeks ago, we talked about self-fulfilling prophecies . Make your decisions believing things will be bad, and guess what, things will likely be bad. But the reverse is also true. Make your decisions believing things will be good, and guess what, there’s a really good chance they will be. Well the same holds true for the JCK Virtual Show. If you believe Reed’s effort will be a waste of your time, we’d bet the ranch it will be. You’ll cause it to be, by spending less time participating and scheduling fewer appointments.

However, if you think this show could be a great opportunity to say hello to friends and suppliers… while searching for new and exciting products and services for your stores… and keeping posted on what’s happening around the industry and around the world… we’re feeling pretty good that the show will be a very positive experience for you and your business. But as always, it’s up to you.

So here’s the bottom line, at least as far as GCAL is concerned.  Right now… at this very moment in time… GCAL is in a great position to help your business . Our accurate, and guaranteed grading is precisely what consumers are searching for. Our list of exclusive visual services, including our unsurpassed 360° videos, will capture the beauty and quality of your diamonds like no other lab can, or will even try to. Our pricing is very competitive. In fact, you won’t pay more money, but you will get a whole lot more for your money. Our turnaround time is very fast (usually within 5 business days). Plus there’s so much more you should learn about GCAL that will absolutely help you sell more diamonds. Absolutely!

So do schedule show appointments, and please include GCAL. On the 11th thru the 14th of August, or at any time beginning right this very moment. Thanks so very much. And most importantly, please continue doing all you can to keep your family and business safe. Be well. We hope to see you soon, and again on the other side.


Don, Pam, & Angelo Palmieri, Steve Feldman, & The GCAL Team

See an example of the GCAL Certificate with Hearts & Arrows and 360 Video (Link)
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